About Us

Welcome to SarmsDepot.ca Canada’s #1 supplier of anabolic SARMs and Peptides. Every batch of our products are lab-tested for purity using HPLC analysis performed by professional third-party labs here in Canada. Quality is our #1 goal as we strive to stand above the competition with comparable and affordable prices.

Our production facilities are professional, climate controlled and all our equipment is sourced from German Suppliers. Every SARMs and Peptide product we manufacture is suspended in high quality lab-grade solutions. Using only the best class of ingredients, our solutions consist of PEG-400 (polyethylene glycol 400) mixed with lab-grade ethanol that contains no contaminants.

Offering our customers high quality products that out perform every comparable on the market is our mission statement. Never will you see us cutting on manufacturing costs or our quality control. Every one of our products are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and all orders over $100 will receive free shipping with Canada Posts Xpress Service.