Are There Side Effects From Taking SARMS?

For those of you who are visiting this page, but don’t know exactly what SARM’s are, then let me explain. SARM’s are known in the medical field as selective androgen receptor modulators. These are very similar to anabolic steroids and have a wide variety of legitimate uses. This class of substances are basically a better replacement of traditional steroids and has been widely talked about in the medical science journals for last few years due to its surprising positive effects.

However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t cause side effects, and they can, and often will create unwanted side effects for the person using these substances for longer than what is recommended. I want to state that I do not condone the use of any substance without the written consent of a doctor, and if you choose to ignore this advice, then you are possibly placing yourself in harm’s way. There are a lot of positive sides of this substance that we already mentioned in other articles, but, here we will explain some of the long term side effects of SARMS if not used properly and if not taken in recommended dosage.

Can SARM Use Cause Virilization?

If you are female and you have used any type of SARM for a period of longer than four weeks, well you are very susceptible to developing male characteristics, no joke. When you take any kind of SARM, your sex hormones become out of balance, and you could end up developing facial hair, or having a deeper voice that is a shadow of your former femininity.

Moreover, you could also experience decreased breast size, and even go bald. That being said, would you want this happening to your body? If not, then I suggest not using these substances. It is true that these chemicals can increase your muscle mass which inherently makes you stronger, but try not to take SARMS for longer than four weeks.

Gynecomastia? What is that?

If you are unfamiliar with gynecomastia, well it is referred to is benign enlarged breast tissue. Sometimes people often mistake gynecomastia with cancer, because they usually notice a lump on one or both of their breasts. Now, this condition does affect both males and females, so no one is exempt. Gynecomastia often comes with pain around the affected areas, and often has to be surgically removed; however, that doesn’t mean it disappears forever. Many patients that suffer from this disease due to the use of SARMS but, gynecomastia aren’t life threatening, and once you quit using SARMS, you will usually eliminate the problem entirely.

Does SARMS Lower Natural Testosterone?

In fact, it does lower natural testosterone in both males and females. If you are a male experiencing this, you probably will notice a huge decrease in your sexual appetite, and you could find yourself becoming more irritable and depressed the longer you take these substances.

Additionally, low testosterone usually is accompanied by erectile dysfunction, muscle weakness, and can even reduce the size of your testicles.

What Have We Learned?

SARM use is becoming more prevalent as people deem it more attractive than taking traditional anabolic steroids. It might seem safer to use from certain medical standpoints, but we must make sure that we follow all the instructions and procedures. These chemicals alter our hormones in ways that can eventually lead to unwanted side effects, but they are much safer than taking traditional anabolic steroids that could end up giving you long term health problems.