SARMs Theoretical Benefits

  • Lean muscle mass repair and growth
  • Increased strength and endurance
  • Increased metabolic rate and fat loss
  • Increased appetite and sex drive
  • Lower risk of androgenic side effects compared to steroids.
  • Lower risk of dihydrotestosterone
  • Lower risk to internal organs such as the heart and prostate
  • Less effect on natural hormone and lipid levels after treatment
  • Orally active with a lower risk to liver health compared to steroids.
  • Fewer emasculation side effects during treatment – potentially more suitable for females.

All SARMs are not created equal and the entire class of compounds are filled with unique profiles of effects and androgenic binding ratios. Most of the SARMS created and researched have high anabolic versus androgenic ratios ranging from 1 to 3 all the way up to 1 to 90. For comparative analysis, natural testosterone has a ratio of 1 to 1.

Across all the researched and studied applications, SARMs show a great deal of promise. Research shows that they can increase lean muscle mass and repair damaged muscles in a comparable fashion to anabolic steroids. Numerous compounds also show a decrease in fat storage and increasing the bodies metabolic rate. Other benefits include increased bone density strength and joint repair. In a direct comparison to anabolic steroids, hormones do not appear to be affected in the same manor. Post cycle, SARMs show promising hormone recovery and virtually none to little side effects as a whole. Women might be more enthusiastic about these compounds because of the minimal masculising side effects. This class seems to also benefit from lower liver toxicity due to their enzymatic elimination pathways.